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Dual.5 Headlight for KTM 690 2019+
Dual.5 Headlight for KTM 690 2019+
Dual.5 Headlight for KTM 690 2019+
Dual.5 Headlight for KTM 690 2019+
Dual.5 Headlight for KTM 690 2019+

Dual.5 Headlight for KTM 690 2019+

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The DUAL.5 has the ability to generate two beams of light with different incidence angles simultaneously from one lamp. Thanks to this solution, it gets diffused light (FLOOD) in LOW mode and long-range light (SPOT) in HI mode from one DUAL.5 reflector. Thanks to appropriately selected angles of incidence of light, the DUAL.5 in the Low beam mode generates a powerful 2200 lm  and 22W creating an incredible light that illuminates the corners and allows driving in fog, while not dazzling oncoming vehicles. High beam mode - 5500 lm 44W supports the road lights of the motorcycle by letting you see far ahead of the vehicle and simultaneously illuminating the bends.


Technical Specifications:


• LED type: 5x CREE® XLAMP® XP-L

• High luminous flux 2200lm / 5500lm

• White color temperature: 5000K (daylight white)

• Supply voltage: direct / DC 12V ÷ 25V

• Power consumption:

Low beam lights - type. 1.59 A @ 13.8VDC - max. 1.82 A @ 12VDC 

Hi beam lights (1) - type. 3.18 A @ 13.8VDC - max. 3.64 A @ 12VDC 

• Maximum power consumption: 48.8 Watts @ 12VDC

• Luminous efficacy min. 110lm / W 

• Integrated protections: - diode thermal stabilization (TJ LED = 85 ÷ 95 ° C) - thermal (SHDN> 140 ° C with a hysteresis of 25 ° C) 

• High-quality aluminum MCPCB substrate: - 3W / mK ceramic dielectric - gold plating 

• Working temperature: -40 ÷ 65 ° C 

• Made in environmentally friendly technology (RoHS 2002/95 / WE)

3 year warranty



Our headlights prove themselves wherever powerful and reliable lighting is needed in a compact and very resistant housing.  



DUAL.5 is not only increase your visibility at night, it also ensures that you are been seen during the day. This significantly increase safety in road traffic.



The lamp housing is made of PA-6 aluminum alloy. Thanks to this, the headlights are very resistant to damage and are perfect for hard conditions. The modular structure and advanced mounting system allow for easy assembly and adjustment. 


WATERPROOF HOUSING The design of the lamps and the use of appropriate sealing systems guarantee maximum tightness.  


INTERCHANGEABLE FAST The lenses are easy to replace on all models. They are available in special sets.



Some of US (or other countries outside the EU) versions of KTM, Husqvarna or Gas Gas have only LOW beam and an ON/OFF switch because in the United States (and other countries outside the EU) there is no obligation to have the LOW and HIGH beam mode as it is in the EU.

If you want to use our Dual.5 on LOW beam, HIGH beam or turn the lamp OFF, you need our HIGH/LOW switch.

Our HIGH/LOW switch allows you to restore HIGH/LOW mode function of your motorcycle.


Motorcycle specifications may differ from country to country, so check that your bike has a three-way switch - off / low / high. If your bike has such a switch, you do not need our switch.

If you are not sure, feel free to contact us.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Happy ‘21 KTM 690R owner
Best light for 690R!

Light install was very straight forward and light had good ability to adjust up and down. Brightness is far improved over stock.

Having the low beam and high beam function makes this so much more functional than any light out there. I’m still surprised the Baja light only dims by 20%. You need the high/low to not blind oncoming cars nor your friends you ride with. You’ll be very unpopular blinding everyone each time riding into camp with those others!

Only downside is there’s a lot to cram in behind the light mask. I already had grip heater and gps wiring so it’s really tight but I got it closed.

Joshua Packer
I was hoping for quality and this exceeded my expectation by miles.

Absolutely in love with this bad boy. Insane power.
Thanks guys.